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The Globe'S First Dedicated AI Environment Contractor

Skymind is the pioneer of open-source Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as Artificial Intelligence (ML). Our deep-learning collection Deeplearning4j (DL4J) is the first and most widely-used open-source deep-learning collection for Java and also Scala. Skymind teams up with the open-source environment via a variety of projects that fuel AI technology as well as fostering, the Skymind platform and also various other Skymind services.

Open-source AI offers every enterprise the liberty to experiment, innovate and also fix issues with AI, without limitation. Open-source AI is long-living, considering that there is no danger of discontinuing open-source software application code, and supports an open standard of security, flexibility as well as high quality. This gas the growth and also advancement of deep discovering as well as adds to a brighter future for AI.


We establish community-built, open-source software application that satisfies the demands (partly or totally) of our customers.


We actively collaborate with open-source communities click here as well as contribute to projects within the AI ecosystem.


We support customers that join open-source tasks in a variety of methods, from tech to funding.