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The Globe'S First Dedicated AI Ecosystem Building Contractor

Skymind is the leader of open-source Expert system (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Our deep-learning library Deeplearning4j (DL4J) is the first as well as most widely-used open-source deep-learning library for Java as well as Scala. Skymind collaborates with the open-source environment with a range of projects that fuel AI technology and fostering, the Skymind platform and other Skymind services.

Open-source AI offers every enterprise the freedom to experiment, innovate and fix troubles with AI, without restriction. Open-source AI is long-living, given that there is no risk of stopping open-source software program code, and supports an open standard of security, versatility and high quality. This gas the development and also development of deep learning and contributes to a brighter future for AI.


We develop community-built, open-source software application that meets the requirements (partly or totally) of our individuals.


We actively team up with open-source communities and contribute to tasks within the AI ecosystem.


We support individuals that participate in open-source projects in a number click here of methods, from tech to capital.